Are You Seeking a Fresh Office Fitout?

Do you feel that most office fitout interior design companies spend their time telling you how you should style your office space, instead of asking how you want your space to look like or how you need it to function?

Creative Interiors Group isn’t like most companies. We cater to YOUR office needs, from the first idea to the final arrangement.

Of course, we’re happy to share our inspired ideas, giving you trustworthy insight from experienced professionals.

But the end result of your office interior renovation will be your unique vision — which we’ll bring to life for you and your hard-working team.

Creative Interiors Group goes beyond the average setup, blending comfortable furniture and sleek, modern workspace designs to enhance your unique space and leave you with an ideal business environment.

So think big. Tell us your most outrageous office fitout design ideas. Because we’ll make them happen, regardless of budget or size.

Let’s get started.

Commercial office and shop fitouts with a difference

Everyone has to start from somewhere, and we understand the need for building a stylish workspace on a tight budget.

Never fear: there’s plenty of contemporary, cozy designs our team of experts can fashion together on any budget, for any size office space.

Over the years, countless Melbourne-based small businesses have leveraged our office design and fitout services to great advantage — bringing to life office environments that are conducive to productivity and generating sales.

The goal is to always begin our projects with a proverbial “meeting of the minds,” bringing together the senior management, stakeholders and staff to determine what everyone is hoping to see in their workspace.

Spending time discussing expectations, key objectives and budget limits with the entire crew leaves everyone on the same page, looking forward to accomplishing the same goal.

So even if you’re working with small numbers and big dreams, we’ll find a solution for your ideal office fitout.

Our team is both quick and well-trained, forming a dangerously amazing combination that will leave you full of excitement and reassurance for your company’s future.

And for your safety and continued success, our staff is well-equipped to handle building safety codes and government regulations.

Your dream of a stunning Melbourne office fitout won’t be dashed, as we’re available to help bring any ideal office space to life for you and your employees. Even on a budget, we can create something comfortable and fresh in an affordable manner.

Is business escalating at a rapid pace..

Do you Need a Quick Remodel with Even Faster Turnaround?

While watching your company grow and succeed is a wonderful feeling, finding your office quickly running out of space is certainly less than ideal.

When it’s time to regroup and redesign your office fitout, there’s no need to get overwhelmed by the unimaginable amount of work ahead.

Creative Interiors Group prides itself on exceptional project management, specifically for instances like these where our clients are about to break under the pressure.

We’ll contain the situation in the best manner available, taking on everything from tenancy assessment to planning, re-design to exchanging furnishings and construction.

After all, we’re well-versed in the roles of business workflow, and we understand the need for constant communication between teams to get the job done right and finish the project with a swift and outstanding delivery.


Moving back into the office will never feel so easy, as your employees won’t even need to undergo an adjustment period.

Let Creative Interiors Group give you a fully-refreshed workspace in a timely manner; an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Have you reached corporate status?

LJ Hooker Remodel Fit-Out Dandenong

Commercial office fitout facilities to accommodate your growing workforce..

Here at Creative Interiors Group, we absolutely enjoy creating office fitouts that give off a cozy, inviting vibe.

However, we’ve also gained a reputation for offering the ultimate in premium services when it comes to commercial interior fitouts.

Whether you’re in need of rows of partitions, multiple washrooms, or endless cubicles to give everyone their private office space, we can build it all — and top it off with fancy decor to boot.

If you’re bursting at the seams with people and want to keep productivity high, we can enhance your current office space into a revived, newly-furnished productivity machine.

The best part? Office redesign doesn’t even have to start from scratch. We can easily take your current setup and mould it into a new creation, using partition fitouts, existing walls to create extra desk space or smaller storage units that stack atop each other.

The bottom line is creating an environment that streamlines workflow will solve many of your office fitout woes.

We’ll also work hard keep a focus on the happiness of your employees, thus ensuring a well-polished work environment for everyone involved in the years to come.

So spruce up your office space with bright colours to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, or stick to minimalist neutrals and work the futuristic vibe.

Creative Interiors Group is a professional, dedicated commercial office fit out design service based in Melbourne ready to take on tough projects and produce amazing results, so we encourage all of your most fascinating ideas and opinions.

That just makes our job (and your workspace) more fun.

Throughout the years, we at Creative Interiors Group, have learned that there’s a fine line between art and science, as well as aesthetics and functionality. And we’re available to share our knowledge with you and your employees anytime.

From a small team to a thousand strong workforce, Creative Interiors Group can transform your cramped office into a beautiful and functional workplace.



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