Creative Office Relocation Services

Creative Interiors Group Stress Free Relocation Services:

As experienced office movers in Melbourne, we are aware of the unique challenges that commercial relocations present and can help you to overcome them in a cost effective, efficient manner. We provide a service that is focused on completing your move in the shortest period of time possible, while minimising any disruption to your business activities. Our office removalists use specialised moving equipment to ensure a stress-free relocation process and are familiar with corporate procedures with regard to the packing and transportation of confidential documents. They can also dismantle and reassemble Compactus shelves and popular static shelving systems.

A First-Class Service from Start to Finish:

From the moment you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, all the way through to the successful completion of your move, you can look forward to a level of service that is the envy of our competitors. Requests for office relocation quotations are fulfilled within 48 hours and once you have given us the go ahead, you will be appointed a dedicated office removals Melbourne manager to oversee your move. He or she will work with you to create a plan that meets all your needs and addresses any concerns you may have.

Custom Moving Equipment and Processes:

Our team of office removalists in Melbourne are equipped with custom-designed trolleys for moving computers and large quantities of paperwork, and follow the highly efficient business relocation procedures that we have refined over the last 20 years. What this means to you as our customer is that you can rely on us to move all your office equipment and files safely and efficiently, and to unpack everything in the right place once it reaches your new premises. We also use custom tapeless boxes to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and all our movers are trained in sequential file packing and unpacking.

Let's Get Moving:

Call today to talk to the experts in office removals in Melbourne. With our knowledge, specialised equipment and in-depth experience, we can guarantee that your move will go smoothly. What's more, we can promise you a highly competitive price for your forthcoming office relocation in Melbourne. 

So call David on 0456 150 628 today or just email us at 

Creative Relocation Process

Whether planning an office relocation, shop or warehouse move we implement a robust planning method that ensures your move is carried out safely and smoothly and considers the many operational contingencies that apply to both small and large relocation projects.

Relocation Planning Taking your brief:

We listen carefully to your specific requirements and expectations, and then develop a detailed task specification to meet your business relocation requirements. Every move is different so we provide a specific quote after a detailed site inspection and develop a custom plan to meet your particular relocation needs.

Pre-Move Plan Preparing your staff for moving:

Relocation preparation guides are provided and explained to assist the project coordinator and staff with preparing and packing.

Project Supervisor briefed:

A Project Supervisor is introduced who will act as the coordinator and primary liaison person during the relocation. This person is a senior staff member, who has a minimum 15 years commercial relocation experience.

Relocation management and contingency planning:

The relocation management team is selected to discuss critical path planning and any variables that may requirement amendment standard procedures.

Building protection plan:

A protection plan is discussed and documented to ensure no damage occurs to doors, walls, flooring or other high risk areas.

Insurance organised:

Insurance options are discussed and appropriate cover agreed for the duration of the relocation.

Final Pre-Move Plan:

Pre-relocation briefing meeting Conduct a pre-relocation meeting, on your site, with all relevant persons to determine relocation process.

Packaging delivered:

All packaging materials, colour-coded labels etc, are delivered 1-2 weeks prior to the move date.

Packaging advice and guidelines:

Packing advice tips, techniques and support are given to support documented self-packing guidelines.

Existing defects:

The project supervisor, in conjunction with the client, undertakes an existing defects inspection and report.

Project review:

A final project review is conducted to highlight any last minute amendments to specification. This is communicated to all those involved.

The Relocation In-Progress + Team assembly and briefing:

The Relocation Team is assembled and fully briefed on their job specifications, site hazards and O.H.S. requirements.

Specialised team gets to work:

Specialised personnel are deployed to specific tasks e.g. workstation disassembly, common area packing, vehicle loading, etc.

A minimum of one senior supervisor per site is provided:

Where two sites involved (origin and destination) two senior supervisors are provided.

Procedural checklists followed:

The Project Supervisor ensures all pre-determined operational tasks are adhered to during the moving process.

Re-instalment at your new location:

Following the client prepared requested layout forms all items are precisely sited.

Final job completion sign-off:

After a final walk-through of new layout by the Project Supervisor and client, a final sigh off is completed.

After The Relocation The following days:

A fine tune of heavy item positioning may be requested and further unpacking advice or assistance given.

Packaging removed:

All moving related packing material is removed from your premises once it has been emptied.

Future assistance:

On-going assistance can be provided post-relocation, from general handyman support to other assistance where required.